Butter Crab Receipe Originally From Malaysia


3 large crabs, cleaned, cut, washed and drained;  1 can evaporated milk; 3 tbsp. butter; 3 sprigs curry leaves;  ½ tbsp. minced green chillies (optional); 1/4 tsp brown sugar.

3 slices bread:   Heat oil in a medium sized wok and when very hot deep fry the bread till brown and crisp on both sides.  Takes less than a minute.  Drain and keep aside.

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Heat the butter in a large wok.  Lower heat to medium and saute the curry leaves for a minute or two until crisp.  Add the crabs, chillies, sugar and evaporated milk and cover and cook until the crabs change colour.  This takes about 5 minutes.  Serve with deep fried bread.  Simply Scrumptious and don’t worry about making a mess at the table.  This is one dish you will thoroughly enjoy.

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Attribution:  Theversatilehousewives.comblogspot.com
Image courtesy of blogspot.com

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