How to Be Productive and Still Have a Fun Weekend

We would all like to have relaxing weekends, full of leisurely meals and visits with friends.  But our busy schedule during the week rarely allow us to have 48 hours of fun to recharge.

Here are some suggestions on how you get have fun, get re-charge and be productive during the weekend.

Get your personal priorities straight.
If you love soccer and do want to watch the playoffs, that’s a great use of your time. But if you are only watching because there’s nothing better to do why not map out your weekend several days in advance. Have you seen your friends in a while? Perhaps you should invite them for an afternoon cookout or go for a jog.

Be clear on your professional goals.
It is great that you are working seven days a week because you love what you do. But if the weekends is just another work day, your family won’t be pleased if you spent it plugging at your laptop. Identify what success will look like and when you can feel justified closing your computer and enjoying the rest of the day.

Go for the “four-way win.”
Wharton School professor Stew Friedman identifies four key spheres of life: family, work, friends and community and health (mental and spiritual). While you only have so much time in the weekend and you can’t do it all. What if you can combine activities and fit more in. What if you want to work out and how about Invite your husband or wife to join you? If you need to attend an event for the charity you support, how about getting your friends involved? This way, ou can maximize the impact and socialize with them.

By being strategic about how you invest your time over the weekend, you’ll feel great every Sunday evening as you get ready for the week ahead.

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